May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month (LAM). With annual cases approaching 500K,  it is more important than ever to be educated about Lyme.


May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month (LAM). With annual cases approaching 500K,  it is more important than ever to be educated about Lyme.


The first step in getting tested with IGeneX is to order a test collection kit. Choose between a Blood, Urine, or Miscellaneous kit, depending on the test you will be doing. The Blood Kit is the most common, and works with 95% of tests. Doctors can order unlimited quantities of kits at no charge. Patients are required to deposit $20, which is applied to the testing fees.

"IGeneX is a lab I trust!"

Hear how Kelley Flanagan, star of TV show The Bachelor, relied on IGeneX testing to properly diagnose her Lyme disease and co-infections.


"IGeneX is a lab I trust!"

Hear how Kelley Flanagan, star of TV show The Bachelor, relied on IGeneX testing to properly diagnose her Lyme disease and co-infections.



Testing with IGeneX: How to Get Started, Order Tests, and Understand Results
Since 1991, IGeneX has worked with nearly 40,000 doctors from all across the world. Learn how you can get started today!


Testing with IGeneX: How to Get Started, Order Tests, and Understand Results


Excellent place to get COVID-19 test. My wife and sister-in-law are going back to Taiwan to visit and requires a test within 3 days of the departure. Found iGeneX online. Scheduled the 24 hours $250 for them. They drove by at 9:30 am on 1/14. The results came at 8:30 am the next day. Quick and easy. I wish I found them sooner so I'd save time from searching the web.
Vei Chiang
Vei Chiang
21:45 15 Jan 21
I needed a time restricted COVID test to fly back into Spain. I’m giving iGeneX a 5/5 for rapid RT-PCR COVID tests. I booked a 24 hour PCR test for Wednesday January 6th, 2021. My appointment was at 9:45am. I arrived early and didn’t have to wait to do my self-swab. It literally took 2 minutes.I received my results this morning January 7th, 2021 at 8:02 am.Would highly recommend their service for anyone needing a rapid RT-PCR test. Thank you again for your service!
Jennifer Rubio
Jennifer Rubio
19:25 07 Jan 21
I arrived an hour early and they tested me right away. Later questions were answered by a live human being over the phone. When she wasn’t sure about something she got the details and called me back in minutes. Results came four hours before they were promised. You get what you pay for with this team.
Daniel Travis
Daniel Travis
14:38 06 Jan 21
I’m writing this comment for those people who are looking for a rapid COVID-19 testing location. This location is legit and great!I personally was looking for a testing site and decided to come to IGeneX for testing. I did not regret driving down here from San Mateo.My appointment was at 8:30AM on 12/31. When I arrived at 8:19AM, there were cars lining up already. I was the fifth car. The staff started testing at 8:28AM. I was out of there by 8:34AM. Yes, 5 cars in 6 mins, very efficient. It took me 30 seconds to check my information and 30 seconds - 1 minute to take the test. The staff were extremely friendly.I only needed to get my result within 24 hours, so I waited. I received my result at 8:04AM on 1/1. Now I am ready to head back to Asia this weekend.I’m glad I didn’t need to line up for 2 hours or more like the experience I had in another location.
Albert Dai
Albert Dai
21:44 01 Jan 21
Called to verify they still had an appointment available for Wednesday they confirmed they did. I bought the Covid testing for travel and I’m on my way👍
patrick S
patrick S
20:22 23 Nov 20
We used IGeneX for travel Covid testing for my daughter to return to China last week. This included a PCR-RT test, and an IgM test. Testing was drive through in their parking lot and quick. It was efficient and we were able to ask questions. We received the results the same day and they were approved by the consulate for her flight the next day. Testing is expensive but it was done right and we got results quickly so we were satisfied with the service. (Always make sure to confirm what you need - requirements seem to change frequently.)
Kirsten Luehrs
Kirsten Luehrs
01:02 16 Nov 20

IGeneX is pleased to provide COVID-19 testing for Corporations, Governments, Schools, Assisted Living Facilities and Professional Sports Teams. Including IGeneX’s home town, the City of Milpitas, California. Read more >>


FIND A PHLEBOTOMIST: During COVID-19, many offices are using virtual appointments with patients, making phlebotomy access challenging. We have compiled a full list of IGeneX affiliated phlebotomists, as well as additional phlebotomy resources, on our Blood Draw Locator page.


For over 30 years, IGeneX has been the global leader in the research and development of tests that accurately detect Lyme disease, Relapsing Fever, and other tick-borne diseases. Tick-borne illnesses can affect every part of your life, and without effective diagnosis and treatment, symptoms can often worsen and progress into severe and even life-threatening health issues. And when you can’t find the cause or a way to get better, your quality of life suffers. At IGeneX, we make it our singular mission to offer best-in-class testing for tick-borne diseases that delivers the most comprehensive and accurate results possible, so you can find the right treatment path to restore your health and get back to enjoying your life.



Get accurate SARS-CoV-2 testing that is accepted at most destinations.

Choose to get test results in 24 hours or on the same day.



Order a kit

Order a collection kit right here on the IGeneX website for a small deposit that will be applied to your testing fees.

Order a Test Kit

Complete Paperwork

Complete the paperwork with your doctor to determine which tests IGeneX should conduct with your samples.

Get Blood Drawn

Take your collection kit to a blood draw site or collect your urine or miscellaneous sample at home.

Find a Blood Draw Site

Get Results

Ship everything to IGeneX. We will conduct the appropriate tests and send the results to your doctor.


“Doctors told me it was just ‘stress’ or ‘All in my head’, but I finally figured it out and you can too. …… The best lab to do this is called IGeneX.”


“IGeneX confirmed the presence of Lyme disease in her blood, caused by the bite of an infected tick”


“IGeneX, a diagnostic testing company in Milpitas, California, gets around 15 calls a day from companies across the country inquiring about its employer testing program.”


IGeneX Interviewed by TBC

Popular podcast Tick Boot Camp recently invited Stuti Vora, customer service supervisor of IGeneX, to discuss how and why IGeneX has become the laboratory most trusted by patients in the Lyme disease community.

What are Ticks?

Ticks come in a lot of different varieties, and are most often found in grassy or wooded areas. Learn more about how you can spot a potentially dangerous tick.

Have you been bitten by a tick and still have the tick? Go here to learn how to get the tick tested.

Lyme disease symptom checker

Symptom Checker

If you’ve been sick and aren’t getting better, use this symptom checker to determine your likelihood of having Lyme disease or other associated tick-borne illnesses.

Order a Kit or Test

You or your doctor can order a specimen collection kit directly from IGeneX. This includes the Blood Kit, Urine Kit, and Miscellaneous Kit. To see all the tests available from IGeneX, please download the Test Requisition Form.


  • IGeneX does not accept assignment from or submit claims to insurance companies except for patients who have Medicare – Medical (Part B) coverage.
  • Medicare Part B payments may be made directly to patients; patients will be responsible for reimbursing IGeneX for any payments they receive and for any services that are not covered by Medicare.
  • IGeneX will send you an itemized statement of charges. The statement lists the services you received, along with the amount charged, and the CPT (procedure) codes.


Each health insurance policy is different. To ensure that you will be reimbursed for services rendered at IGeneX, we recommend you contact your health insurance carrier for benefit-specific information in advance.

Please refer to the IGeneX price list for test descriptions and CPT (procedure) codes click here.

IGeneX is not required to be FDA approved. IGeneX provides services on clinical samples. We do not sell test kits.

IGeneX is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am — 5:00 pm, PST (Except Holidays). Our phlebotomy hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am — 4:00 pm, PST.

IGeneX has started to take test kit deposits in order to streamline the ordering and processing of both your test kits as well as your samples. This deposit will be deducted from the total cost of test(s). In order to receive credit for the deposit against the cost of testing, please use the original test requisition form received with the kit. (Copies will not be accepted)

Test Kit Deposit Refund Policy
The $20 test kit deposit is non-refundable under the following conditions:

  1. Unused Test Kit
  2. Expired Test Kit
  3. Test(s) Cancellation

Additional insurance billing information is needed. Please fax a copy of front and back of your Primary Healthcare Insurance card to (650) 424-1196 or mail to the address below:

IGeneX, Inc.
Attn: Billing Department
556 Gibraltar Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035